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I love Spring Break.  I first started going to spring break when I was in high school.  I fucked the hottest girl from my home town the first night of Spring Break.  It was amazing!  No dating for months.  No meeting the parents.  No bullshit.  Just 2 horny kids fucking because it was Spring Break!  I decided right then, that I was never going to miss another Spring Break.  In fact, I wanted my whole life to be like Spring Break.  For the past decade, I have been documenting my life, and the lives of the crazy party people that I hang out with.  I have filmed hundreds of hours of behind the scenes party footage, and I will constantly update this site with my favorite clips.  If you love real amateur girls getting wild and naked for the first and possibly only time on video, then welcome to my life....Welcome to Spring Break Life!   Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Tina And Vicky First Time Lesbians In My Ybor City Apartment
Tina, Vicky 02/25/2017
This was a case of two girls with no lesbian experience wanted to do each other. You can't say no to that offer, especially when they wanted me to shoot a video of the first time. I let them pick out a few toys and directed them to the bed. There were no rules other than have a good time and please each other.

Tags: blonde, boobs, Brunettes, First time lesbian
Sindy And Nicole Two Local Girls Naked In Public And Eating Pussy
Nicole, Sindy 02/15/2017
I took Sindy and Nichole out to shoot a little public flashing. It is always fun to do because of the possibility of getting caught. We screwed around doing that and then headed back to the limousine where the two girls got bare ass naked in the back seat and the two girls got into a sex fest with kissing, nipple sucking and pussy eatin' while being driven around the city. There are great closeups of the fingering and pussy licking. Kind of a movable feast if you catch my drift.

Tags: boobs, Brunettes, Busty, girl kiss
Fantasy Fest Fun
Our crew wanders the street and bars during Fantasy Fest in Key West. The creativity is astounding as everyone seems to by vying for the sexiest or the most minimal outfit on the crowd. As crazy as the event is the crowd seems to be as nice and polite as possible. Our own crew sets that tone and gets all the great shots of the men and the ladies. Be nice and the girl offers up a sot of her clit piercing. Amazing

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Busty
Naked Pool Party
Someone sent me this video. I have no idea where it was shot. I am thinking Las Vegas or Southern California. It's just a bunch of people in a swimming pool. Some of the girls are topless. Everybody seems to be having a good time. If anybody knows more send me an email.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Fantasy Fest Milfs
There are no age restrictions to having fun. This update is a tribute to the "older folks" who participate in Fantasy Fest. From middle age crazies to senior citizen flashers they all come to Key West for the street party. Some have natural breasts and some have countered the effects of old age and gravity; with a visit to a doctor. In any event tits are tits, and we love them all.

Tags: Blondes, Brunettes, Busty, Fantasy festival
Talkative Girl Gets Naked Around Town then Masturbates on My Couch
Zoe 12/19/2015
Zoe goes on a flashing adventure around town We hit a lot of great local spots the lack of bra and flowing top make it really easy for her to pull her titties out all over the city. This girl's a talker but interesting and entertaining enough to want to fuck. Especially after you see her spread her legs wide and use her hands to spread her inviting pussy lips open. She fingers herself on the couch until she cums.

Tags: Brunettes, nice, public, public flashing
Lingerie Model Gets Naked
Anne 12/16/2015
Super hot petite Anne goes out for a stroll around town flashing her panties and sweet ass as while we film up her skirt. We hit the parking garage then a local park then get a little naughty in the elevator. You can tell this hottie takes pride in staying fit and sexy. Of course I have another girl there to assist in the process which makes things even hotter. Because we all know girls love girls too! Join now to watch this scorching hot update with a super sexy lingerie model.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Busty
Ashley Grace Naked at Sunset and Around Downtown Tampa
Ashley and I flashed our way around Tampa one evening. It's fun to pull it off and not get discovered by the local constables.

Tags: Brunettes, Busty, public flashing
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