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I love Spring Break.  I first started going to spring break when I was in high school.  I fucked the hottest girl from my home town the first night of Spring Break.  It was amazing!  No dating for months.  No meeting the parents.  No bullshit.  Just 2 horny kids fucking because it was Spring Break!  I decided right then, that I was never going to miss another Spring Break.  In fact, I wanted my whole life to be like Spring Break.  For the past decade, I have been documenting my life, and the lives of the crazy party people that I hang out with.  I have filmed hundreds of hours of behind the scenes party footage, and I will constantly update this site with my favorite clips.  If you love real amateur girls getting wild and naked for the first and possibly only time on video, then welcome to my life....Welcome to Spring Break Life!   Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Hot Blonde with Big Tits Masturbating with Strange Objects on Spring Break
Laikyn 08/12/2015
Hot blonde with huge tits Laikyn comes with us on Spring Break to South Padre Island. Back at the beach condo I get her to masturbate with various different strange objects we can find laying around the condo; a spoon, a toothbrush. She shows off her ass by squatting it down while taking a shower. You'll love watching her play with her huge tits, as she sees what else can go inside her pussy, join now to find out.

Tags: Blondes, boobs, Busty, masturbate
Strippers Cooling Down on a Hot Day at Nudes a Poppin
The Midwest's finest strippers come to Roselawn Indiana to compete in the Nudes a Poppin' event held every year at the Ponderosa Sun club nudist resort. There are so many hot strippers and other exhibitionists here at the Miss Nude North America pageant your mind will be blown. This is where we get a bunch of hot girls to come pose on our blanket and ask questions. Two girl rub lotion on each others asses. Other girls shake it in the dogie style position. They pose in lots of great positions in this clothes free environment all over inside the fenced in areas where our cameras have full access to, Join now so you can have full access also.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Hot Blonde Gets Naked in Vegas During Porn Awards Show
Sunshine, a fancy car and a stunning Blondie, that's all you need to evoke the inner beast in you. Check out this cutie undressing herself and playing with her big tits and delicious pussy in my hotel room during porn awards show.

Tags: big tits, blonde, Blondes, body
Blonde Dirty Talking Masturbation
Lusty blonde is stacked and horny as hell. This coed knows that she wants it hard and deep, and since her fingers can't quite do the job she'll pull off her thong so that she can use a rock hard dildo to hit all the right spots.

Tags: back, bedroom masturbation, big tits, blonde
Blonde Local Girl Flashing Around Town then Hot Car Masturbation in Public
This local chick can't keep her clothes on even when she's outside. Peeling off her bra and thong in the sun is just the start. Once she's nude, nothing will keep this blonde teen from playing with her small tits as she prepares to work her smooth pussy to orgasmic bliss.

Tags: blonde, Blondes, body, boobs
Naked Radio Promo in Tampa then Blonde Pees in Company Shower
Allison, Tiffany 07/25/2015
Allison and Tiffany were super stars when we brought them to the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show in Tampa. They were crazy and fun just the way we planned it. 25 Cent puts pasties on the girls nipples and Tiffany starts smoking before the show. The girls got naked for the show and Tiffany freaked out on Bubba because he was an asshole. Later we get Tiffany to squat down and piss in the shower. She is another one of those wild girls who is down for whatever. Join and watch this classic update.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Spring Break Naked Bubble Bath
Everyone loves a hot bath with a lot of bubbles, but it turns even more tempting when such a cutie like this teen sits in the water. With the this Spring Break teen around, a bath is everything but relaxing. It's more like a passionate, hormone heated arousal, especially when she starts to touch herself.

Tags: big tits, body, boobs, Brunettes
Dirty Talking Milf Masturbation
This blonde, that I had a pleasure to film, is such a naughty, cheeky, still irresistibly sexy woman. She teases you on every turn, she tries to bend you around her finger, she seduces you to sin with her... and to achieve that, she will go to the very end, giving you the hottest masturbation ever. So if you want to be amazed - take a ride with her.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, blonde, Blondes, body
Day Time Spring Break Contest and Beach Party
Tiffany 07/15/2015
Before Don Vito went to jail for molesting a chick he was in South Padre Island making a celebrity appearance on stage during a spring break wet tee shirt contest during a beach party. There are a ton of hot coeds in this contest exposing large natural breasts. Don starts to get grabby hands, most of the girls don't like it either so I can see why he got in trouble shortly after this. Spring break wet tee shirt contests are the best and almost always guarantee big ole titties! Join now to see this exclusive update.

Tags: boobs, Brunettes, Busty, contest
MTV Spring Break Beach Party Girls Dancing Slutty and Flashing Their Tits

Tags: back, big tits, blonde, Blondes
Spring Break Bikini and Show Your Titties Contest

Tags: Ass, back, big tits, blonde
Naked Stage Show at Nudes a Poppin
Girls naked on stage compete in the miss nude North America competition. They sexy dance and swing around on the poles and shake their asses. I pick the girls off one or two at a time to come over to my blanket strategically placed for perfect lighting. Here they stretch and spread their legs open exposing their beautiful pussies to the sunshine and my camera. They rub on their breasts and asses as I get up close and personal, they put on a show for you to enjoy.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Sexy Sink Shower Then Spring Break Wet T Contest

Tags: Ass, back, big tits, body
Nice Girl Flashing on Campus and Around Town then Masturbating in Limo
Girls sure dose limo rides and this one was no exception. We took a ride all over town and believe me when I say that she wasted no time getting herself naked and playing with her sweet, sweet pussy. By using different toys, I guarantee you she had a limo ride she wont forget!

Tags: Anal, Anal beads, Ass, Blondes
Hot Latina and Friend Get Naked Downtown then Masturbate in Limo
I hired a limo to take a couple of girls around town so that I could get photos and video of them flashing in public. Having the limo handy makes the event go quicker and safer. We can beat a quick retreat if we get discovered. Riding around in the limo also made it easy for the girls to get a little frisky. Which they did.

Tags: Brunettes, Busty, girl kiss, kissing girls
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Alexis, Brandi
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Bailey , Maddie
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Biker Babes
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Ashley, Sharee
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