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I love Spring Break.  I first started going to spring break when I was in high school.  I fucked the hottest girl from my home town the first night of Spring Break.  It was amazing!  No dating for months.  No meeting the parents.  No bullshit.  Just 2 horny kids fucking because it was Spring Break!  I decided right then, that I was never going to miss another Spring Break.  In fact, I wanted my whole life to be like Spring Break.  For the past decade, I have been documenting my life, and the lives of the crazy party people that I hang out with.  I have filmed hundreds of hours of behind the scenes party footage, and I will constantly update this site with my favorite clips.  If you love real amateur girls getting wild and naked for the first and possibly only time on video, then welcome to my life....Welcome to Spring Break Life!   Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Dildo Masturbation by Hot Chick
This hot brunet gave me a show I won't forget too easily. Her beautiful body made most of the talking, and it spoke right to my hormones. Every little motion of hers was full of sexuality, and when she finally decided to pleasure herself in front of the camera with huge purple dildo, I almost forgot to breathe.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, body, boobs, Brunettes
Wet T Contest

All Naked Wet T at Nudes a Poppin
Amateurs at Nudes A Poppin getting hosed. Some real cuties and a few BBW's...something for everyone. A few of these ladies are really hot hot hot! Watch them shake their stuff! Beings this open to all who appreciate nudity, you get the everyday not so hot, and even a few really big girls. Have you ever wondered what that fattie looks like under that tent? Me neither, but hey this is an equal opportunity contest. I guarantee some of these babes will put a little life into your loins.

Tags: wet tshirt
Behind the Scenes at Nudes a Poppin Festival in Roselawn Indiana
OMG! So many sweet luscious young hot naked females all in one place. This video shows you some of the behinds the scenes action! A veritable paradise for connoisseurs of the female anatomy. These young ladies come from all over the country to exhibit their fine little bods. This video is what goes on prior to the big contest, Miss Nude North America.

4 Girl Inter-Racial Striptease Lotion and Shower
Barbie 06/06/2015
Barbie and her neighborhood friends come to the office to do a casting couch video. We have them do a striptease out of some sexy lingerie before doing a lotion rubdown. Watch these amateur hotties twerking it before taking it all off. They each take turns laying down on the couch while the others rub in the lotion and massaging the skin. They all take a shower together and help with washing getting all soapy and clean.

Tags: boobs, Brunettes, naked, tattoo
Black Girl with Huge Tits Gets Naked for the First Time and Masturbates
This girl with huge tits is a born teaser. She is ripe, she is beautiful, and she practically radiates with sexuality. Her very eyes can make jocks erupt with cum, and her pussy and fingers milked more men that she could count. Although it her first time on camera, today she decided to give us a private show, baring her tenderest parts and putting them on a sensual display.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, Black, Black hair, body
Latina Naked Booty Shake
Melina 05/30/2015
Pretty latina Melina comes to the casting couch to get naked and do an interview. We ask her the tough sexual qestions every guys wants to know. Spread wide she shows off her ass and pussy. Later she rubs lotion on her nice natural breasts. She sure can booty shake with a proper Latin big booty.

Tags: body, boobs, Brunettes, naked
Hot Tampa Teen Naked Around Town and Masturbating in Public
Becky 05/27/2015
Becky a tall, very pretty, super hot coed comes on an adventure flashing in public all around Tampa. She shows off her sexy ass in a back alley in historic Ybor City. She massages he supple all natural breasts. Later we go to the top of a parking garage and she gets completely naked and reaches down to show off her amazing pussy. This hottie has the girl next door feel with a total freak appeal.

Tags: body, boobs, Brunettes, masturbate
Girl Gets Naked at Home and Masturbates
Alyssa 05/23/2015
Super hot Alyssa does a sexy strip tease at home and then sensually rubs all over her young body. After she gets all worked up and naked I get her to masturbate using her fingers while sitting on her chair. I ask her about her past sexual experiences and she shows off her sweet ass and pussy. Not only is this girl really pretty she also has a great enthusiastic friendly personality. Join now to see more of this exquisite hottie.

Tags: body, masturbate, masturbating, naked
Crazy Hot Girl Flashing and Masturbating All Around Tampa Florida
A cute sundress is fun and flirty, but this cutie is much happier naked. She's quick to getting naked before taking the time to stroke her delicious tits and caress her nice pussy. Her hands continue to wonder, seducing her petite body in preparation for an orgasmic masturbation allover Tampa Florida.

Tags: Ass, body, boobs, Brunettes
Spring Break House Party then Beachside Masturbating Blonde
After a great day party at the beach we return to the house to continue the party. We invited some guests over to flash us their titties in the hot tub and back patio. Then we have resident spring breaker Laykin show off her magnificiant all natural double D breasts, getting topless and bottomless in the kitchen then later masturbates with a dildo poolside. Join now and check out all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes on Spring Break

Tags: masturbate, masturbating, naked, nice
Sexy Outdoor Shower with Anal Finger
Avee 05/13/2015
Avee a sexy big busted mid west stripper decided to come stay with me in Florida to do some shoots around town. She found out I had an outdoor shower and it was game on. Watch this super sexy shower scene complete with an anal fingering. Join now and see how wet and wild this hottie gets during her shower scene on my back porch, complete with extreme close ups, and lots of dirty talk.

Tags: Blondes, boobs, naked, nice
Girl Pees in Public Sink then Gets Naked All Around Ybor City
Sharee 05/09/2015
Sharee is awesome, she is pretty much down for anything. Which is why she had no problem pissing in the sink and then getting naked all over town in various different restaurants, bars and local businesses. She shows off her nice all natural breasts, sweet ass and tight pussy. She pumps gas topless at a neighborhood service station, and later plays with her pussy in the back room of a bar.

Tags: masturbate, masturbating, naked, nice
Bikinis and Tits Party at Spring Break
Laikyn, Natalie 05/06/2015
Spring Break my favorite time of year. Beach parties are the best, especially when ladies are exposing their breasts. The party is on in the limo and the girls bring the energy to the beach party dancing and having fun. There are some extremely hot girls at this party wearing sexy bikinis and thongs. Nice big Texas sized titties everywhere. Beer bongs and other "water" party games get the party kicked up to the next level. Join the Party today!

Tags: boobs, Brunettes, Busty, naked
Sexy Tampa Stripper Naked Around Town and Masturbating
This sexy Tampa stripper loves to work on her tan and for the best results she dose it bare naked. No tan lines for me, please, just the smooth, golden skin. I enjoyed watching her strolling around city naked, chasing the warm rays of sun and afterwords masturbating in my bedroom. She doesn't mind if someone's watching her - so if you feel like, you can watch her play with her wet pussy.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, body, boobs, Brunettes
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